Top 10 Songs for College Students in 2020

Listening to music affects your mood. Students listen to songs they can relate to. Here are the top songs for college students in 2020.

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Aside from getting the writing tasks done from these websites, you can also take it easy by listening to music. There are surely songs that you find most applicable to you and your life. These songs can inspire, give joy, provide energy, and calm you. In other words, songs can affect your mood and emotions. There are songs that are perfect for college students this year.

Top Songs for College Students in 2020

  1. Good Riddance

This song by Green Day will surely give you some good vibes. It will also remind you that life should be taken lightly, as everyone is going through different situations in life, and you are not an exception. Take life as it is and enjoy every minute of it.

  1. See You Again

The song by Wiz Khalifa with Charlie Puth will take you down memory lane and put you in a nostalgic mood. This is good to play when preparing for an exam or taking on assignments.

  1. Slow Down

This is a song by Nicole Nordeman. This is truly a song applicable for college students as it reminds you to slow it down and let life flow easily.

  1. Never Grow Up

Taylor Swift definitely made every college student turn nostalgic with this song. It is a song that will tell you that you should take it easy even though you are busy with so many things.

  1. Have It All

This song by Jason Mraz surely gives that good mood and vibe that students will enjoy even on a most hectic day.

  1. 100 Years

It is a song by Five for Fighting, and it will create that good and relaxing vibe into your day. You will enjoy its cool beat and rhythm, giving you a relaxed and mellowed down mood.

  1. I Lived

A song by OneRepublic is surely appreciated by every college student. This will set the mood and make the day feel better.

  1. I Hope You Dance

This song by Lee Ann Womack will pump up the vibe. It will keep a fast-paced day so you can also keep up with things that you need to accomplish.

  1. Breakaway

This song by Kelly Clarkson is a perfect one for college students who are enjoying their youthfulness and liberty. It describes the freedom that you are having when you are a student.

  1. Graduation

Of course, this should be part of your playlist. This song from Vitamin C should remind you of your goal. It will also remind you that friends will stay even after graduation.

Songs can remind you of many things. It will also give you a roller coaster of emotions, depending on the song that you listen to. Make sure that you use these songs as a source of energy and inspiration to become good at what you are doing.