Tom Swoon Delivers Powerful “Phoenix” with DANK & Belle Humble

Tom Swoon has looked very at home on Ultra Music since signing with the dance heavyweights a while back.

The Polish DJ and producer has been hard at work once more honing his signature melodic house style, and as a result has just made “Phoenix” (We Rise) with fellow artists DANK and Belle Humble.

This tune is full of lively emotion from start to finish.

Tom Swoon, Belle Humble & Dank - Phoenix
Tom Swoon, Belle Humble & Dank – Phoenix

Humble’s surging vocals bring another dimension to the already strong dynamic provided by Swoon and DANK.

Watch out for an exquisite use of synth chords and a rhythmical drive throughout here as they are a real treat of a listen.

Listen to “Phoenix” below:

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