Bassnectar – Ephemeral [Free Download]

Lorin Ashton, more commonly know as Bassnectar, has been a busy man in the past few weeks.

After coming off a nearly year long break Lorin revealed that his new album would be right around the corner while giving us a taste of the new EP with his premiere track “Now.”

Bassnectar continues to tease the appetite with his latest single “Ephemeral.”

As we amp up for his upcoming performances at Summer Camp, EDC NY, Wakarusa, and more, Lorin continues to keep reeling his fans in with anticipation. The second track off of his new album Noise Versus Beauty is hauntingly beautiful with a chill, laid back vibe that is carried by glitchy components and that signature Bassnectar bassline.

Speaking to his self-proclaimed favorite song off of the album Lorin released the following statement:

Hello! I want to say thank you for all your help, love & support over the years for all that you give. My favorite song off the upcoming record is a very special piece of music, and I wanted to give it away in a unique manner: feel free to share this with anyone you want, post it anywhere, give it to friends & family, or simply keep it for yourself. As ‘real life’ begins to merge with ‘digital/online life’ every day, and I watch the networks melting into each other, I want to extend the Ambassador Program way beyond the realms of the physical, into unexplored terrain: building and strengthening community online. I’ll let Hasan go over the basics of our ideas, but I just personally wanted to say thanks for all you have shared, and I’m looking forward to new ways we can enrich our lives and the lives of our friends & family both online and in 3D – integrating both terrains into our musical/cultural/community campaigns.

This track is definitely one you can post up and vibe out to. Perfect for those late festival nights when you end up back at the campsite under the wide open sky.

Check out “Ephemeral” for yourself and be sure to cop that free download.

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