theNEWDEAL Heads to the Heartland

Photo - Scott Harris Photo and The New Deal - Facebook.
Photo – Scott Harris Photo and The New Deal – Facebook.

Over the next week or so, electronic jam band theNEWDEAL is traveling from the East Coast into the Midwest. Be on the look out Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois!

The Toronto-based music group has been a pioneer in the electronic music scene for quite some time now, and when they announced the band was breaking up in 2011 it seemed as if a giant was falling.

“We just needed a break to go do other things”, keyboardist Jamie Shields said when reflecting on the band’s decision to go their separate ways.

“When the thing you love begins to feel only like work, it’s time to step away.”

The New Deal
Photo – Scott Harris Photo and The New Deal – Facebook.

During what ended up to be a 3-year hiatus, theNEWDEAL’s original drummer – Darren Shearer – decided not to continue on with the band. In his place, bassist Dan Kurtz and Shields welcomed Joel Stouffer who had filled in for Darren on previous occasions in the past. Soon it was announced the band would be back in action for the summer of 2014.

Since their revival, theNEWDEAL has been reborn. Kurtz was quoted, “It feels like the right time for us to be playing together again.”

He continued, “theNEWDEAL needed some time to find some new musical inspiration and get some perspective on what is important about what, and how, we play together”.

In the wake of this transformation, theNEWDEAL announced they were working on a new EP, Mercury Switch, due out in late 2015. There have been two tracks released in anticipation of this album, “Mercury Switch” and “Quattro“.

Both show a blending of old and new from theNEWDEAL. Based on these two tracks, it’s safe to say the upcoming Mercury Switch EP is going to be worth the wait!

theNEWDEAL Mercury Switch
theNEWDEAL – Mercury Switch

On theNEWDEAL’s journey through the Midwest they will be swinging by The Bluebird in Bloomington, Indiana.

Here IndyMojo presents a teaming up with Indianapolis natives Turbo Suit to bring this college town a dance party it won’t soon forget.  Other acts you can see on theNEWDEAL tour are STS9, Lord Electro, Ben Silver + Queen Bee of Orchard Lounge, and Digital Tape Machine.

If you have never experienced theNEWDEAL live, the time is now!

It feels as though this band took in a deep breath of air and they have been rejuvenated, made new again. Their upbeat melodies will have you squirming in your seat, until you get up and dance that is.

Take some time out of your schedule and you won’t be disappointed.

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theNEWDEAL Tour Dates

11/08 – Clifton Park, NY – Putnam Den (w/ Lord Electro)
11/11 – Grand Rapids, MI – Founders Brewing Co. FREE!
11/12 – Bloomington, IN – The Bluebird (w/ Turbo Suit)
11/13 – Urbana, IL – Canopy Club (w/ Turbo Suit)
11/14 – Chicago, IL – Concord Music Hall (Ben Silver + Queen Bee of Orchard Lounge, and Digital Tape Machine)

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