Watch STS9 Spell “Happy Halloween” with their Halloween Set List

STS9 Happy Halloween Set List
Photo – STS9 – Facebook.

STS9, Sound Tribe, or just simply Tribe… however you know them, chances are that their blend of organic and electronic harmony rings a bright bell in your brain.

Known for their all-encompassing sound that folds over listeners like a warm audio blanket, STS9 had a surprise in store for fans lucky enough to make in to their Halloween show in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Just outside of Washington D.C., STS9 brought out the silliness with their set list, spelling out “Happy Halloween D.C.” with the first letter of each song that they played.

Absurd? Yes. Freakishly skillful? Damn straight.

Watch both of STS9’s flame-throwing Halloween sets and check out the full set list below.

Set One

H.B. Walks to School>
You’re It
Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist
Life’s Sweet Breath

Set Two

Love Don’t Terrorize
One A Day
When The Dust Settles
Evasive Maneuvers
New New 4 U U
Click Lang Echo

First Encore

Just Thanks

Second Encore

World Go Round

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