The Latest and Greatest of Kaskade, 15 Years of Gold

If mount Rushmore was made for DJ’s, then Kaskade would be right where George Washington sits. The Chicago-born DJ has been nominated for 7 Grammys and has an astounding nine studio Albums. With almost 20 years of experience under his belt, Kaskade has solidified himself as a legend of the game, and at this point, not many come close to his level of expertise. In this article, we will showcase Kaskade’s latest release “Solid Groud” for his upcoming EP for Monstercat and the 5 best Kaskade songs over the past 15 years. 

Following his dynamic debut house single with WILL K, “Flip Reset”, Kaskade wastes no time in sharing another track from his forthcoming EP on Monstercat. “Solid Ground” arrives with Rocket League’s music-themed second season. From the infectious vocal-driven melodies to Kaskade’s signature anthemic drops, the track is laden with arcade-inspired sounds that give it an energy-inducing punch, perfect for Rocket League gameplay.

Celebrating an entire season dedicated to music, both “Flip Reset” and “Solid Ground” will be available as Player Anthems in Rocket League – a new customization option that allows users to select the music that plays in the Arena after they score a goal. Season 2 also introduces a new Arena, ‘Neon Fields,’ sporting a rave-influenced look and feel. Fans can anticipate more in-game content and music from Kaskade over the coming months, in the lead up to his debut EP release on Monstercat.

1. Angel On My Shoulder,” featuring Tamra Keenan

The first song on the list is 2010’s smash hit “Angel On My Shoulder,” featuring Tamra Keenan. The track is the 3rd single released on his album 5th album, Strobelite Seduction. In an interview about the song with Back Seat Seattle Kaskade Stated:

“It is a beautiful song – I actually didn’t write that one. I wrote the music, Tamra Keenan wrote the lyrics and the melody. She flew to San Francisco and recorded it with me three years ago. It’s a song about addiction. I haven’t worked with that many other songwriters. Typically it’s me writing something and collaborating with Finn. It’s a different process when you’re working with an actual songwriter. It can be a song about addiction to anything. I’m sure she was singing about something personal.”

2. “Be Still”

The second song that has to be mentioned is “Be Still” off his 2006 Album, Love Mysteries. It is so crazy to think that it has been 16 years since this amazing track was released. Kaskade was so far ahead of his time, and the style he shows off in this song is something other artists are still trying to emulate over a decade later.

3. “On Your Mind”

Next on the list, we have 2019’s “On Your Mind“! I chose to place this song in the third spot because it allows you to hear a piece made 15 years after the last track. It shows that Kaskade has not lost his touch in any way over the years and is continuously improving. The song has racked up over 15 million views on Youtube and became one of his most significant drops of the last few years. 

4. “Never Sleep Alone”

2015’s “Never Sleep Alone” lands at number four on the list. What makes this song so unique is the amazing video, directed by Charles Whitcher that goes along with it. It shows Kaskade in his bed, floating through different scenarios when he sleeps. The video clearly has a deeper meaning and can be interpreted in a number of ways, but that is up for you to decide!

5. “4am”

The last but certainly not least song on the list is 2008’s “4 am“. This progressive, tech-house banger is a true work of art that puts you in a fantastic mood every-time you listen. The singer Haley Gibby has worked with Kaskade and Deadmau5 on many tracks, and her vocals on this song are nothing short of spectacular. Many feel that this could be his best song, and after a listen, there is a chance you will feel the same. 

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