Anabel Englund Drops Debut Album, Messing With Magic, Featuring Lee Foss, Jamie Jones & More

LA-based singer/DJ Anabel Englund released her debut album, Messing With Magic! The album is a great early Christmas present to all her adoring fans and a fantastic way to finish off 2020.

The Electro-Pop DJ is beginning to find her stride in the industry, and throughout the last couple of years, has put out a number of tracks that have all been met with positive reviews. The album is a ten-track mix that features collaborations with MK, Nightlapse, Lee Foss, and Jamie Jones.

Englund has worked with all these artists multiple times in the past, and they have become her go-to collaborators. Her vocals on “Underwater,” “Warm Disco,” and “Spell My Name” are so smooth and highlight why she is such a unique find to the industry. So many of the world’s biggest DJs rely on other amazing artists to supply the vocals on their beats, but a select few such as Englund are able to do both. This talent is what will set her apart from so many and make her album a must add to the playlist in 2021.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Anabel had this to say about Messing With Magic:

“This album is about hope, love, and connection. And it’s about being mystical, playful, exploring, and being safe to explore,” she continues “To me, magic is having hope that there is a better life, that there is the ability to be a better human, trusting in that and being that. Then evolving into that and seeing the results of that. So to me, it’s like messing with the highest power within yourself.”

photo & creative direction: @paigestrabala

Anabel has stayed busy and has done a number of online live stream concerts throughout the year. In November of this year, she did a live set at EDC Orlando Virtual Rave-A-Thon. It was a fantastic event that showed a lot of promise for the future of online concerts. We can only hope that live music returns soon, but in that time, we can thank artists like Anabel for keeping us all entertained. Check it out below!

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