The Geek x Vrv Take Electro Soul To New Heights

French DJ duo, The Geek x Vrv has caught our attention by smoothly layering soulful hip-hop over crafty electronic progressions. There are a handful of tracks we must share, so we have gathered a nice collection to truly showcase these guy’s talent.

Dive into a fulfilling helping of electro soul served up by The Geek x Vrv.

The Geek x Vrv

First up by The Geek x Vrv (TGXV) is ‘Sunset In The Jungle’, a unique cut with a drop that will get you bouncing in new ways. Then take a minute for a teaser of their single ‘Lofi2’ that really demonstrates their signature sound by looping in classic soulful lyrics that ring “talking about love” over horns and a nice hip-hop beat.

Listen to TGXV’s ‘Sunset In The Jungle’:

Listen to TGXV’s ‘Lofi2’:

Following we choose ‘It’s Because’ since it catapulted them into the spotlight at the end of 2013 with it’s raw soul influence. After receiving 2 million plays, the track paved their way to open for the likes of Pretty Lights, Gramatik, and GRiZ, and earned them coveted lineup slots at Foreztival and Positiv Festival.

Listen to TGXV’s ‘It’s Because’: 

Another electro soul track that put them on the radar is their contest winning remix of Odesza’s ‘Say My Name’. 

To finish our introduction of TGXV, take a listen to their single ‘300’ that takes bits from Gerard Butler’s epic lines from the action film to get us ready to rage! Beyond these tracks, watch out for this Parisian duo to keep upping the soul, funk, hip-hop and jazz game by following them on their social media handles linked below.

Listen to ‘300’ by TGXV:

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