thatDROP’s 2016 Imagine Music Festival Meet & Greet [Photo Gallery]

Imagine Music Festival 2016 was one to remember – a massive lineup, a new venue, and a mainstage water hologram were only some of the things attendees were treated to this year.

Once again this year, thatDROP hosted the meet & greet with artists such as SnailsBlack Tiger Sex MachineCosmic Gate and Cazzette having the opportunity to interact with fans.

Check out photos from our Imagine Music Festival Meet & Greet below:

img_2091 img_2085 img_2084 img_2082 img_2080 img_2079 img_2078 img_2076 img_2073 img_2071 img_2070 img_2068 img_2066 img_2065 img_2061 img_2060 img_2059 img_2058 img_2057 img_2041 img_2037 img_2035 img_2034 img_2031 img_2027 img_2026 img_2019 img_2011 img_2008 img_2005 img_1996 img_1988 img_1985 img_1983 img_1980 img_1972 img_1962 img_1954 img_1952 img_1934 img_1932 img_1930 img_1928 img_1925 img_1924 img_1922 img_1921 img_1908img_2095 img_2131 img_2128 img_2125 img_2124 img_2120 img_2118 img_2116 img_2114 img_2113 img_2112 img_2110 img_2106 img_2104

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  1. you guys are legit the best. Thanks for always bringing our favorite artists to imagine. See you guys next year!

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