AQUA and Imagine Music Festival Develop Main Stage Water Hologram for Children in Ghana

Imagine Music Festival has teamed up with AQUA for a Main Stage Take Over with their 3D water hologram production.

AQUA is a water hologram show that gives back to third world countries.

Founded with the idea that every concert goer can make a difference, AQUA produces international year-round tours, where each ticket purchased for one of their events results in one month of clean water for someone in a third world country.

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5,000 children under the age of five die every day from waterborne illness and over one billion people don’t have access to clean water.

Dancing water fountains and mesmerizing 3D images float next to the headliners, but not only that – they are giving audience members the opportunity to make a difference!

Water is the basis of all life and AQUA is there to help transform communities to ensure every human being has access to safe, sanitary water.

Watch the AQUA X Imagine Music Festival trailer below:

This year, Imagine and AQUA are introducing Pocket Change.

You know, the change in your pocket that you never know is there? Well, that change can make a HUGE impact on a child’s life in Ghana. They will be gathering loose Pocket Change to allow YOU to make the difference. Look out for the BRIGHT BLUE BUCKETS being passed around!

All donations go to the AQUA fund, which go towards buying Life Straws for children in Ghana.

The team will be going to Ghana in the fall to film the impact people made by going to shows.

Still haven’t bought a ticket to Imagine? Check out the AQUA Package by Clicking – HERE.

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