Syn Cole Continues to Make Unique Progressive House Music

Rene Pais, who most of us know as Syn Cole, first found his interest in music through classical piano. At the time, he surely could not have known that he would go on to pursue dance music, and even catch the attention of the dance music legend, Avicii. The Estonian DJ was signed to Avicii‘s Le7els label in 2012, and has been killing it ever since.

Syn Cole has a very unique progressive house sound, that is perhaps the result of his capabilities as a classical musician.

His songs are energetic, melodic and find just the right balance between progressive house and electro house. In recent years, he has released a lot of epic music and, below, we’ve highlighted a few of his most distinct, intriguing songs to date.

Syn Cole - USA show
Syn Cole via Facebook

‘Follow Me’ feat. Joshua Radin:

‘Follow Me’ shows Pais’ ability to blend genres. The track demonstrates how Avicii, who also does well with this, might have influenced Syn Cole‘s style. This track melds a soothing guitar sample and a thumping bass-line with soulful vocals and a glitchy, memorable hook.

‘It’s You’:

On his powerful track ‘It’s You’, Syn Cole really displays his talent. He seems to do particularly well with more upbeat, high-energy tracks. This song is undeniably uplifting, thanks to its gleeful melody, and truly captivating build ups and main riffs. You might just catch yourself bellowing along to its charming lyrics.

‘Bright Lights’:

‘Bright Lights’ displays how well Pais does with more blissful tracks. He draws on catchy vocals and larger-than-life drops, to craft a track that is all about its melody. Each build up leads into an enjoyable hook, filled with synths that soar.

‘Miami 82’:

‘Miami 82’ is, arguably, one of Syn Cole’s most outstanding progressive house tracks.

It might be best characterized as the 21st-century, dance music version of the ‘original’ disco sound. The power of this track is easiest to hear in its hooks, which feature spiraling synths.  Pais also – somehow – managed to include an intriguing breakdown within the first hook, which only lends more to the energy of the track.

From the out-of-this-world synths that help drive the cascading melody, to the awesome drops and the wildly energetic hooks, Syn Cole demonstrates that he can definitely craft a track that goes hard. ‘Miami 82′ is very uplifting and was made to get you moving.

While we have highlighted some of Pais’ best work, we hope that you’ll check out more from this talented artist soon.

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