Steeped in Soul: Pretty Lights’ Top 5 Electro Soul Mixes

Steeped in Soul: Pretty Lights' Top 5 Electro Soul Mixes
thatDROP Mix Compilation Presents Pretty Lights: The Best of The Hot Sh*t.

Derek Vincent Smith aka Pretty Lights is known the world over for his funky amalgamation of electro soul, funk, and hip hop, culminating in an emotive sound that stands alone in the electronic world.

Since his first release, 2006’s Taking Up Your Precious Time (co-produced by Michal Menert), Pretty Lights has taken the scene by storm with his chilled-out style and deep organic feel.

With a steady stream of EP’s, LP’s, singles, and mixes to follow, Pretty Lights has easily become one of the biggest names in dance music. In order to celebrate the producer’s soulful style, we’ve taken 5 fan favorite mixes from Pretty Lights’ bi-weekly SiriusXM radio show, The Hot Sh*t, and compiled them in one place for your listening pleasure.

Check out out these 5 fan favorites from Pretty Lights’ The Hot Sh*t below.

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