Stacks of Quality European Techno Provided by Set of the Day [Free Download]

Welcome to a slew of new tech-house, deep house and techno podcasts provided by Set of the Day out of Solothurn, Switzerland. To put the proverbial cherry on top, all their podcasts featuring new, yet groomed talent is free. Let’s start by introducing Patrick Ebert.

Plug into Patrick Ebert’s techno podcast for Set of the Day.

Techno Podcast Set of the Day Patrick Ebert

Patrick brings us: music from Berlin, for the world. His Set of the Day starts off subtle, but grows with a driving and bouncy beat. Enjoy how the bass purrs and piercing beats keep you going all night long. There is a nice balance in his music as he mixes in classic acoustic instruments while exploring techno elements. Turn this one up and get lost in the music journey Ebert takes us on.

Listen to and download for free Patrick Ebert’s Set of the Day:

Follow us further down the rabbit hole to find Michael Nielebock‘s techno podcast.

Michael Nielebock Set of the Day Techno Podcast

Bursting with energy and wizardly effects, Michael shows us how he controls the decks for his set. It is a true gift to be able to add this set to your techno collection for free. Keep up with him bouncing around Europe this summer, especially his hometown Berlin.

Listen and download for free Michael Nielebock’s Set of the Day:

Finally, never worry about changing the music again while listening to the full 6 hour, Set of the Day’s Showcase at Der Weiße Hase.

Set of the Day Showcase

Listen to and download for free Set Of The Day Showcase @ Der Weiße Hase:

Explore more deep house, tech-house and techno podcasts on Set of the Day’s SoundCloud. They have all tastes covered.

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