Speaker Side Chat With Layton Giordani

NYC born and raised, Layton Giordani, has blessed us with not only his magnetizing essence, but also with the answers that we’ve all been dying to know. He has reached his pinnacle in the techno world, but his secret passion is house and trust us, it’s nothing short of spectacular. Giordani spent majority of 2017 touring Europe and… wait. What am I doing?

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Go ahead and read about it yourself in our EXCLUSIVE interview with him below:

Q: So we know the basics… you are a New York native who grew up a mere few blocks from the coast shore. Tell us what hasn’t been written in black and white. Who was Layton Giordani before the music? Before traveling between clubs performing at 15 years young, how did the 11, 12, or 13 year old Layton feel or seek for in life?

Good question. Well around that time I didn’t have much direction or thoughts about my future. I was heavily into sports like soccer, lacrosse and that kind of stuff. I really loved to ride my bike and go everywhere with my friends. You know, kid stuff.

Q: From what I know, house music is what magnetized you to this kind of industry. How and why did you choose to consistently stay techno?

Well in NYC when I got into the music it was all about House music. Then DJ’s like Danny Tenaglia and Victor Calderone started to transition into producing techno records and I was obsessed! I wouldn’t generally say I completely consist of techno, because I love it all. Some Tech house is great too.

Q: The support from Deadmau5 acts as a huge contribution to your successful journey, he even advocated your stuff on the main stage at WMC in 2014… WOW! How hyped were you about that? Did you see a change in publicity or attention after that? Any collabs with him?

Ah this was so cool. To see him play one of my tracks in front of a bunch of EDM ravers was so awesome. He really educated them! It’s funny because Avicii called out sick and they hired him to replace and he went full techno, it was awesome.

Photo via Layton Giordani Facebook

Q: ‘Careless Suggestions’ found a cozy spot on the Beatport Techno Top 100 chart for over half a year. Although ‘Never Forgotten’ went straight to No. 10, did you feel some pressure before the EP was debuted or were you pretty confident that it was going to be a banger?

I tried not to look into these things. I was just focused on making good music and if it did well I was extremely humbled. Obviously when it got noticed and made some noise I was so hyped and felt really accomplished.

Q: You reached a landmark in your career when releasing ‘Rivington’ on Adam Beyer’s world-renowned Drumcode imprint. Do you consider that a moment of pure achievement or still a stepping stone to something bigger?

I feel like every release on Drumcode is a stepping stone. But, yea exactly, it was just the beginning.

Q: Have you ever produced a song, released it then wished you could’ve changed, clipped or added to it? If so what song and why?

‘Secrets of Vibration’ – I love that track but perhaps maybe I wish I didn’t make the break down so long. Would’ve been nice to have the beat just play more often instead of needing the whole big break and drop part.

Listen to Layton’s live set at Mandarine Park below:

Q: You’ve performed at some of the biggest festivals that techno has to offer. Do you have any good luck charms or things you do before you jump on stage?

I don’t actually. Maybe this is something I should look into though! Usually if I play a big event maybe I’ll be a little quiet before I go on so I can get mentally ready.

Q: Share with me a fan-boy experience. Have you met an artist or celeb and just completely lost it?

Adam of course. It’s amazing to think we are friends now. Same with a lot of the Drumcode guys. Recently, Stephan Bodzin – he is an amazing performer and such a nice genuine guy. I played with him in Mandarine Park in Buenos Aires.

Q: 2017 brought you a lot of touring throughout Europe. Being born and raised in New York, how was the culture shock of touring? Add to that by telling me the craziest story from tour.

I’m still getting used to it but its working out great so far! I love traveling. As for the story… Probably traveling to a festival in the USA, I landed on the day of the party and there was a massive hurricane. The festival was shut down so I was trapped in the hotel for 2 days!

Q: Give one message for your fans. What can we expect from Layton Giordani in 2018?

I’m beyond grateful for all the support and love in 2017, so for 2018 I’ll be focusing on putting out more music, of course and perhaps working on another collab. Not forgetting to be playing as much as I can! This is a dream come true for me, so I have so much to share.

Check out some of Layton’s upcoming shows:

27 JAN – Hotel 82 – Valencia, Spain
02 FEB – Ampere – Antwerp, Belgium
02 FEB – Forty Five – Hasselt, Belgium
10 FEB – Empoli, Italy
17 FEB – Elementenstraat Warehouse – Amsterdam
23 FEB – SWG3 – Glasgow, UK
24 FEB – Kesselhaus – Augsburg, Germany
Photo via Layton Giordani Facebook

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