Enjoy Our Mighty Envision Playlist On Your Way to the Jungle

The transformational music festival, Envision will be taking place in Costa Rica, where the jungle meets the beach, on February 22nd-25th. With the dates drawing closer, Envision releases the phase 2 lineup including the music performances, yoga instructors, and speakers.

Envision brings to the island of Rancho La Merced musical talents of Bob Moses, Random Rab, Manic Focus, , La Boa Patterns, Ihf, and DJ Tennis to name a few. 

Envision Full Lineup via Facebook

To increase the anticipation of such life-changing experience, we built playlist around our favorite artists on the lineup. Some of our favorites are Bob Moses, Unrojo, Desert Dwellers, Random RabTroyboi, Thriftworks, The Librarian, CharlestheFirst, Tara BrooksMonolink, Traveler, Clozee, and Santos y Zurdo.

Enjoy our Envision playlist as you plan for the gathering.

The playlist will give you a slight taste of the kind of vibes to experience once on the island, but there will be so many more secret weapons to fall in love with. While listening to this remarkable music just imagine listening to the waves crash at the shore as well. The tropical atmosphere will be enlightened with beats from deep house, trap, Spanish tunes, raw jungle melodies, Tropicana favorites and sounds that you haven’t yet heard.

Envision via Facebook

Let’s remind you that the music is only a small part of the festival. The lineup also reveals disciplined yoga instructors to assist in stretching our bodies from all the dancing. In addition, the speakers will be opening our minds by holding workshops around topics for our mind, body, and soul.

This transformational festival is an intimate gathering with the potential to change the world.

Envision photo credit Eric Allen
Envision via Facebook
Envision via Facebook
Envision via Facebook

Get more details of the experience and grab your passes here!

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