thatDROP Meets with Morgan Page, Speaker Side at Phoenix Lights

Morgan Page is an American DJ who is better known for his progressive house productions. He has been nominated for a few small awards like, I don’t know… the Grammys. No big deal though, right?! Hell, I have a few Grammys chilling in my back closet. See this is just a trifling summary of the colossal list of achievements that this guy has really done.

Morgan Page is prestigious for his tracks ‘In The Air’, ‘The Longest Road’ and ‘Fantasy’. My personal favorite is ‘Beautiful Disaster’, despite being the one song he least prefers to perform- it’s fine, I’m fine… ‘In The Air’ was a huge milestone for the Vermont native, that being his first #1 snag on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart.

thatDROP meets with Morgan Page, Speaker Side at Phoenix Lights.

Photo via Morgan Page Facebook

Hey Morgan, how are you? Are you nervous or excited?

I’m doing good, staying alive in the heat! I’m ready to go, though.

How about before the actual questions, we go through a practice… This will be pretty intense, so are you ready?!

Yea, let’s do it!

Summer or winter? Cats or dogs? Ketchup or mustard? Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler?

Summer… dogs… ketchup…oh, hmmm… I have to say Will Ferrell.

Alright good! Tell me more about yourself, where you’re from and how you got into music?

I grew up in Vermont and I got into it because of college radio. I started preforming on Saturday nights and basically wanted to become a DJ because of that. It eventually lead to interning, working at record labels and overtime gave them my record tape. That led to my final produces.

Blast your speakers to ‘Fantasy’ below:

Are you happy with the whole process of it all? It sounds like it was an overall smooth ride.

Yea, I mean it’s hard to plan. You just have to do your best work and try to have some vision. It’s always a moving target.

From my knowledge, your 2011 remix of ‘Fantasy’ was Grammy nominated. Can you tell me about that whole experience? Who was the first person you called to share the good news?

I loved that because nobody can take that nomination away from you. It’s an honor! I think I told my wife first because she was in the room right next to me. At first I thought it was a prank because everyone was texting me.

You’ve been travelling and preforming year around, can you tell me your craziest tour story?

It’s an everyday occurrence for fans to try and steal the alcohol or strip naked and jump into the DJ booth. I’ve had a few fans throw money into the booth to get me to play a request, but that all is a norm now. I think my coolest venue experience was at Red Rock. There is nothing like it.

Turn up the volume to ‘Beautiful Disaster’ below:

You have a pretty solid relationship with Lissie, how did that come about? Is she considered one of your favorite collaborations?

Oh, yea. That actually happened through the record label. They suggested it. It’s crazy how things come together. I went to see her live and she has a voice that doesn’t need auto-tune, so yea, I knew I needed to work with her. I always try and see the artists before working with them, but she was the real deal. There was obviously a lot of trial and error throughout the process, but the final production turned out really good.

With the whole Las Vegas shooting, the fest scene is pretty shook up. From an artist’s point of view, what can we do to help prevent these situations?

It’s hard because it is a hard thing to prevent. It will add a lot of expenses to festivals to bring additional security, but we are already seeing that right now. I think the important thing is for everyone to go with a group of people and buddy system. Just have a game plan like where you would go. Always have a map of the festival with you and have an idea of what you would do if a situation like that occurred.

Out of ‘Beautiful Disaster’, ‘In The Air’ and ‘Lost Dreams’, which do you least prefer to perform?

Okay, that’s a good question. Probably ‘Beautiful Disaster’. It’s one of those songs that needs another remix like festival remix. I try to perform songs that the fans know pretty well. ‘Beautiful Disaster’ and ‘Lost Dreams’ aren’t too well known, so I try not to play those at festivals, but in the clubs I do.

Listen to ‘Dont Give Up’ featuring Lissie below:

Have you ever had a song of yours remixed and wish you could take ownership for that remix?

Deadmau5 for ‘Longest Road’ was really good. I thought the few overlapping parts that he used was genius.

Do you have any good luck charms or things you like to do before hitting a set?

I like to make sure I’m organized. That’s pretty much it. I stopped drinking before shows, so that I could be more focused.

Last question, what can we expect from you the rest of this year and leading into next?

There will be more EPs. I just released one of three, so watch out for the other two. They will come together to build an album. I am doing this thing called MP Quick Tips. I started it by creating a Twitter account to help produces. There is about five tips a day and there will be a physical copy of that.

Watch Morgan Page live at EDC Las Vegas: 

As my interview with the very talented Morgan Page came to an end, I was astonished. The mere 10 minute interview was enough to prove that he is more than an expert DJ, but also a genuinely humble guy. His set at Phoenix Lights exceeded our expectations and will definitely be one written in the books.

Photo via Morgan Page Facebook

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