Snappy Jit Proves Miami Bass Isn’t Dead by Going “Beast Mode”

Fresh off their recent EP “Str8 Snappin” from Diplo’s Mad Decent record label and imprint Jeffree’s, Snappy Jit has begun dropping unbelievably banging new tracks.

Utilizing a deadly combo of Juke, Trap, Two-Step, Jersey Club and Miami Bass, “Beast Mode” featuring Jammin Joe shows off the electric personality of Snappy Jit created by Sakari and Jason from Miami, Florida.

“Beast Mode” is an addictive track that steam rolls ahead at 300mph with no sign of ever slowing down.

This track continues to show off Snappy Jit’s progression over the past 3 years and they’ve finally hit it gold with this track featuring Jammin Joe.

Right in the beginning, you get Snappy Jit’s traditional voice saying, “Hey Jammin Joe! Look at that lil’ mama over there she wiling out! Woo!” – immediately the track dives head first into “Beast! Mode! Beast beast mode!”

Snappy Jit - Beast Mode Feat. Jammin Joe
Snappy Jit – Beast Mode Feat. Jammin Joe

The song is electric, filled with non-stop energy, and is a necessity to bring any party from 0-300mph real quick to ensure everyone gets moving.

The track is boosted by deep kicks, strong percussion, and lifted by the repeating vocals. To keep it from going stale, the track drops down half time where a normal voice appears singing “beast mode when that booty bounce” over background vocals singing “ay”.

It sounds like it was ripped out of the 90’s Jock Jams era heralded by 69 Boys’ “Tootsie Roll”, any 2LiveCrew jam, or Quad City DJs’ “Space Jam Theme Song”.

Listen to and grab the track below:

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