SNAILS – SNAILEDIT! Mix Vol.1: Coming To America

SNAILS - SNAILEDIT! Mix Vol.1: Coming To America
SNAILS – SNAILEDIT! Mix Vol.1: Coming To America

The Montreal-based producer, SNAILS, has quickly taken the world by storm since his global quest for gastropod domination began in 2012.

Releasing his first tracks that year, SNAILS quickly gained notoriety for his incredibly unique and insanely heavy take on bass music.

Pioneering a genre that’s been coined as vomitstep, SNAILS takes the best of dubstep, electro, and trap and turns the components into a guttural bass armada.

The Montreal producer makes some of the heaviest electronic music known to man – hands down.

For his “SNAILEDIT! Mix Vol. 1”, SNAILS fits an astonishing 23 tracks into 31 minutes – creating a massive wall of sound that’s sure to rouse the neighbors from even the deepest of sleeps.

If you’re a fan of Datsik, Protohype, Excision, and other artists who inhabit the darkest dingy corners of the heavy bass music spectrum – SNAILS is your guy. With unbelievably innovative synths, guttural bass lines, and incendiary percussion coalescing to create an otherworldly bass journey – give this SNAILS mix a listen.

Check out SNAILS’ “SNAILEDIT! Vol. 1 Coming to America Mix” for your daily dose of bass below.

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