Slander’s Latest Production Will Make You Fall in Love Again

Slander Love Again
Photo via Facebook – Slander

Slander never fails to satisfy our EDM cravings. Their refreshing sound and heaping portions of bass always hit the spot.

Their new release featuring WAVZ, Love Again, is no exception.

Slander has rapidly become one of my favorite duos on the EDM scene. With their hypnotic beats and deep bass, I can’t sit still when they pop up on my Soundcloud.  “Love Again” brings the California duo home to their roots in trap, with beautiful melodies, solid drops, and soulful lyrics from WAVZ.

The boys also released a video to accompany the single that pieces together snippets from different shows, including their recent set at EDC Orlando in November, Nocturnal, and TomorowWorld. Check out the video here.

The single showcases a softer side of Slander, slowing down enough to let us get lost in the trap.  This is the first realease off of their upcoming EP “Duality,” with a second single coming soon.

“Love Again” is a perfect teaser for the EP, leaving us anxious for the release, and falling in love with Heaven Trap once again.