Skrillex Works a Dark Remix of Travis Scott & Drake’s ‘Sicko Mode’

Skrillex “Sicko Mode”

Travis Scott, Drake, Skrillex?

Put those three names under one roof and a track must be doing pretty well.

That looks to be the case with Scott’s Sicko Mode, which rapidly became one of hottest tracks in music. I had a feeling the song was going to be big when I saw my friend’s rapping along to it in the car of instagram stories. Not surprisingly, the song climbed into the top five of the billboard charts in August.

In comes Skrillex, who looks to have something brewing off it. Skrillex is not a stranger to remixing hit songs, as his version of ‘Humble’ by Kendrick Lamar was a banger back in 2017.

Skrillex works on a ‘Sicko Mode’ remix with dark synth tones.


Like his passed work, the song is an instant hit. This was actually not meant to be released, because it wasn’t an official remix and just supposed to be for live performances, but Travis liked it so much, he decided to release it.

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