Red Hot Jungle Terror Gets A New Addition From Emerging Dim Mak Duo

Hailing from Australia comes Senor Roar and this rising Aussie duo just made their mark on the red-hot jungle terror scene with a brand new track called “Flash Bang”.

Dim Mak has already coined “Flash Bang” as a “mammoth club tune”, which is in itself is a very credible compliment.

Senor Roar made their debut and featured “Flash Bang” as apart of Dim Mak’s New Noise free download platform, which provides followers fresh faces and a new track available for free download every Tuesday.

The Brisbane producers showcase high energy, intense sliced vocal samples with a super bouncy kick drum to accompany the build up that leads into a drop fueled for jungle terror lovers. The drop is layered with a variety of buzzes and blares and a gyrating tempo.

senor roar flash bang
Photo via Deja Vu Music//Senor Roar

Certain BPM’s don’t hold Senor Roar back from writing music, these guys draw inspiration from a variety of different artists and musical influences.

Dim Mak clearly states this identifiable in their various remixes for the likes of Major Lazer, Grmm, Noize, Blonde, Tiga & Boys and hometown friends Kronic & Krunk. Senor Roar’s original resume is pretty stacked as well, their club banger “Beast” collaborated with Lil Jon & Kronic put up numbers in the electro-house Beatport chart and earth shattering “Jenga” was featured via Main Course – known for making their releases imprinted in the EDM market.

In a short matter of time, the experiential duo found their club music has already resonated with heavy hitters like Dillon Francis, Diplo, DJ Snake, Wiwek, Botnek, Laidback Luke, Tommy Trash, TJR, Torro Torro, and the mastermind Skrillex himself. Multiple chart topping Beatport releases and support from electronic icons, Senor Roar is just starting to set their official mark.

Fans of jungle terror, strap in and get ready to blast “Flash Bang”.

Senor Roar: "Flash Bang" New Noise Free Download platform
Senor Roar – Flash Bang [Free Download]

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