REZZ Is Mass Manipulating The World With Her Hypnotic Album, Comic Book, And Tour

Illustrator and animator Luis Colindres joined forces with rising dance music superstar REZZ, known by friends as Isabelle Rezazadeh, to bring her extraterrestrial ‘Mass Manipulation‘ album to life. They did this in the form of a 60-page comic book which you can order here. An animated music video for ‘Premonition‘ was released accompanying the comic. This animated video gives a sneak peek of the full storyline while fans anticipate the delivery of their copy. In addition, REZZ is closing out 2017, and entering 2018, on tour.

Listen to ‘Mass Manipulation’ as you read on:

In the comic, REZZ plays a young alien from Neptune who crash lands on Earth.

mass manipulation

She befriends two earthlings as they discover her incredible innate ability and hypnosis through music.

The comic invites readers to step into the psychedelic world of REZZ. She embarks on a mind-bending journey to manipulate the masses and ultimately achieve her final mission of bringing peace and love to Earth. Both new and old fans of REZZ can now fully tune into her artistic world.

Watch ‘Premonition’ below for a sneak peak of the full storyline:

The visual narrative is now available for order in the format of a physical comic.

Order REZZ’s book here for $39.99.

REZZ has had a lucid vision since the very beginning of her art career.

She breathes life into the electronic music scene through dark, hypnotic soundscapes while her audible, musical vision takes over. Chicago-based illustrator Luis Colindres worked with REZZ on her ‘Something Wrong Here‘ EP setting a visual standard. Now, Colindres has designed the ‘Mass Manipulation’ album cover, tour art, comic, and music video above.

She will continue her ‘Mass Manipulation’ World Tour throughout the year leading into 2018.

North America and Australia, prepare to be hypnotized and taken out of this world with REZZ’s dazzling performance! Get your tickets here and join us at her Los Angeles show on December 15th at The Novo.

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Listen to “Psycho” before you go:

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