Rakastella, An Eclectic, Diverse Musical Affair In Nature, Is Coming To Miami On December 9th

Rakastella is a new, collaborative party concept by Innervisions & Life and Death that will make your heart swell at the historic and picturesque Virginia Key Beach Park in Miami, Florida. This event takes place on December 9, 2017. Art Basel attendees and Miami locals will not want to miss this. This event offers a myriad of immersive, sensory experiences. A lineup of artists will takeover two stages within the raw beauty of nature’s surroundings.

Rakastella promises to be a diverse and eclectic musical affair with romantic, intimate House vibes from start to finish.


 A tropical shaded grove bordering the sea will be filled with art.

Attendees will watch the sun go down and have the opportunity to dive into a Vinyl pop up shop filled with hidden gems and memorabilia. Nostalgia will fill the air as new memories form in this fascinating setting. Two stages will offer moments of musical bliss that will awaken the deepest of your senses.  Artists include Âme II Âme, Axel Boman, Dixon, DJ Koze, DJ Tennis, Jennifer Cardini, Lovefingers, Mano Le Tough, and more. Click here for the full lineup.

Do not miss this Miami.

“There’s a certain liberation that comes with a leap of faith. Lovers intertwine to become a singular force of nature with energy bound to unknown limits. When harnessed, a labor of love such as Rakastella is born. Pure unadulterated love for radical music selection drew both Innervisions & Life and Death to continue pushing boundaries into this truly exotic experience.”
-Rakastella Official Website

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