Rejoice the 2017 Bassnectar Tour with His Old Soul Slice of Sound

Per usual, we have our minds on Bassnectar. Let’s find out where he will be this summer to maximize our volume of times we get to feel Lorin’s earthshaking bass.

What sets will you catch of the 2017 Bassnectar tour?

So far announced this festie season Bassnectar will be at the Atlantic City Convention Center,  Middlelands (TX), Lightning in a Bottle (CA), Ever After (Canada), Bunbury (OH), Electric Forest (MI), Camp Bisco (PA), Oregon EclipseBass Center X (VA), and Dancefestopia (MO).

Bassnectar ‘In The Beginning’

To celebrate the 2017 Bassnectar tour feast your ears on his earthy track, ‘In The Beginning’.

Here is what Lorin himself has to say about this slice of sound: 

I wrote this song a million years ago, it was my imagination’s idea of something opening and expanding, like dawn… evolving from silence into the next phase. Those suction noises at the beginning made me think of creatures evolving out of the sea or something (not that that was ‘the beginning’ of time or anything) but I basically felt like the soul of this song is really old and simple. There is something dark and deep about the groove, but also hauntingly light and ethereal. I hope you enjoy this little slice of mind from way back in the day.

Listen to Bassnectar’s ‘In The Beginning’ below: 

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