Our Oregon Eclipse Playlist that Covers the Lineup in it’s Totality

Load up on the pineapples, mixed fruits, veggies and all the tasty goods that will last a week sitting under the sun. Oregon Eclipse starts today and people are coming in from every direction to witness the spectacle.

As you hit the road, sky or water try out our Oregon Eclipse playlist that takes a little from each stage.

Within our playlist you will hear music from PLANTRAE, Kalya Scintilla, CharlestheFirst, Digital RustDRRTYWULVZ and TEMPI who will be holding down the Earth Stage. As well as some of our favorites from the Moon Stage such as Minnesota, CloZeeJPOD and Mr. Bill.

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Then explore sounds by Random Rab, Bassnectar, The Polish Ambassador and Opiuo who will be blasting from a PK Sound System at the Eclipse Stage.

Followed by grooves delivered by DirtwireSpy from CairoTAKIMBA and Nicola Cruz who will be taking care of the Silk Road Stage. After that we threw in some music around the Sky Stage by Justin Martin, Worthy, Max Cooper, Lee Floss and Acid Pauli.

photo credit Oregon Eclipse Facebook

As you get toward the last few songs on our Oregon Eclipse playlist you’ll hear psytrance tracks by Merkaba, Liquid Stranger, Southwild and Zentura, which we hope they lay down for us on the Sun Stage. To sum up the playlist properly, we added a single by Elephant Revival who will be gracing the Big Top Stage.

Some of these singles are up for free download by simply clicking on the tracks listed below:

We hope to have introduced to you some artists that you will throughly get behind during the festival and hear tracks from some of your favorites as well. To review each stages lineup check out our recent article by clicking here.

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