Explore World-Class Music from the 7 Oregon Eclipse Stages

Oregon Eclipse is in a couple of weeks, so as you make your checklist on what to bring for the week long festival, allow us to help you navigate the massive international lineup. There will be seven stages with each hosting enough talent to make an entire music festival of its own. To get a feel of the vibes from each stage we have selected an artist from the various stages to showcase.

Let’s take a few moments to review the Oregon Eclipse lineup.

Oregon Eclipse Lineup

Well, it would seem that the Eclipse Stage will be the main stage with acts like The String Cheese Incident and STS9 running two nights on it, but you never know how this festival will be laid out. Most of us know the bigger names performing on this stage, so lets explore someone a little different… Shpongle. Take a listen to his, ‘New Way to Say Hooray!’:

The next stage at Oregon Eclipse to explore is the Sun Stage.

Oregon Eclipse Lineup Sun Stage

When the Sun Stage’s lineup was announced a lot of international tickets were sold because of all the trance artists that will be present. We are particularly curious about the GOA GIL & ARIANE 24-hour experience… For this review, let’s listen to some the Portuguese psy trance artist, Skyfall with his track, ‘Amplify’:

Now, over to the Earth Stage for some more quality sound coming from Kalya Scintilla, The Human Experience, Whitebear and Random Rab.

Oregon Eclipse Lineup Earth Stage

Wow, this looks like a stage I will be at for a long time during the week since it will be covered with that drippy melodic deep bass and earthy vibes that hit the soul. Someone to explore from this lineup is Oakland’s own, Liquid Love Drops with a single called, ‘Serpent Medicine’:

Hop on your virtual bike and ride over to the Moon Stage with a lineup that will pull you in.

Oregon Eclipse Lineup Moon Stage

Artists that we will be sure not to miss from the Moon Stage will be CloZee, Andreilien, TroyBoi, Thriftworks and Minnesota, but we look forward to the ones that will surprise us with a standout set. Perhaps it will come from JPOD, check out his groovy song, ‘Dance Tonite’:

Now over at the Sky Stage you can count on us getting it, “whatever it is”, with The Desert Hearts collective, Justin Martin and much more.

Oregon Eclipse Lineup Sky Stage

One artist we are curious about is Cat Pajama‘s, listen to his deep house single, ‘Silent Lo-Fi’:

The Silk Road Stage will be hosting one of our favorites with live instrumentation like, Ecuadorian producer Nicola Cruz and the always fun Dirtwire.

Oregon Eclipse Lineup Silk Road Stage

Take a listen to Nicola Cruz’s beautifully worldly single, ‘El Baile del Nahual‘:

To complete our first lap around the Oregon Eclipse lineup lets take a listen to an artist that will be on the Big Top Stage.

Oregon Eclipse Lineup Big Top Stage

This stage appears to have funky, jazzy, classic rock and even trap vibes. Lets take a listen to Steve Kimock‘s sound through a live version of the classic tune, ‘Tongue and Groove’: 

Now hopefully you are more familiar with each stage and more artists. Also, we hope you noticed some artists like Random Rab and Thriftworks will be appearing at multiple stages. The format of this festival is proving to be like none other, getting us even more excited for the experience that awaits. Stay tuned for more updates around the festival soon.

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