Daniela Niederer, a South African-Swiss DJ, aka Nora En Pure, is an indie and deep house producer who beyond question is very talented with her music and on a rise rapidly because of it.

Her tracks have blossomed into a treasure of sterling deep house music that will put anyone in a good mood.

Nora En Pure has a signature sound that’s soothing, satisfying and blissful, that slowly will have you closing your eyes, and day dreaming of yourself by the ocean.

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On her most recent interview with Earmilk, she spoke in-depth what inspires her, how her tracks are curated, and what is to come this year. Affirming that her favorite instruments to implement like the piano, and violins, the outcome is a raw, elegant, calm and funky sound which is evident to be swell with many of her popular singles.

In whatever way, Nora blends it all, she is able to master every track, every mix, and every set stunningly.

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Nora En Pure is a set you do not want to miss. She has been seen multiple times at notable music festivals including Shambalya, Coachella, and most recently, at one of the biggest festivals in the world, Tomorrowland in Belgium.

Being known to have some memorable deep, indie house sets, it has led her to be continuously booked back to back at many other festivals and cities.

Nora En Pure via Facebook

Every two weeks Nora releases a radio show that consists of all deep and indie house music, titled: ‘Purified’. During the show her speaking voice alone is enough to put you in a good head space. Recently, after just performing at Tomorrowland, she released her #061 Episode. And, personally, this one has to be one of the best radio shows she has done so far.

The transitions from one track to another is an impeccable blend, of deep, indie and now, including some minimal house. The selection of tracks is made up of striking talented house artists like EDX, Lane 8, and Oliver Heldens.

Listen to Nora En Pure ‘Purified’ radio show along with the free download:

As you listen, follow along with the track list below for #061 Purified episode:

TIME – Bird Zinderlong
Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic – Old Dollars
MOGAI & Akaaka – Satisfied (Me & My Toothbrush Remix)
Zoo Brazil – Sand
EDX – Bloom (Instrumental Mix)
Agent! & Dompe – Sultan [GET PHYSICAL]
Aevion – The Journey (Oliver Heldens Edit)
David Aurel – Somewhere [HIVE]
Nora En Pure – Tears In Your Eyes
Vlanda Asanin & Joe Red – Losing You
11:  Teser – Duo
Lane 8 – March Of The Forest Cat
Nora En Pure – Diving With Whales

Want to catch a set of the deep house queen? Check out Nora en Pure’s tour below:

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