Nora En Pure Offers Us a Worldly Future House EP, “Don’t Look Back”

Nora En Pure ‘Don’t Look Back’

The imagery of the African Baobab Tree that Nora En Pure uses in the cover art for her latest EP, ‘Don’t Look Back’, perfectly reflects this sonic exploration. Throughout the EP, Nora finds inspiration from her South African roots, branches out to future house sounds and connects it all with fat bass lines, just as the enormous tree trunk connects its roots and branches.

Dropped on Enormous Tunes, Nora En Pure’s 3 track collection commences with ‘Don’t Look Back’, a dancey future house single.

Listen to Nora En Pure’s ‘Don’t Look Back’: 

With an epic atmosphere created with triumphant strings and warm vocals that repeat, “There is no place I’d rather be”, you will be closing your eyes, looking inside and finding beauty in whatever moment you are in. ‘Branches’ delicately falls in next with a soft intro filled with an angelic classic piano melody. Soon a thumping future house bass line emerges to keep us dancing. Always in control of the energy, Nora brings this track back down to earth and all the way back up again.

Nora En Pure’s worldly single, ‘Roots’, digs to the core of your soul.

Going back to the roots of her heritage, Nora melds the South African in her blood with plush chords and a deep bass line for ‘Roots’, closing out the EP with elegance and power. The title, ‘Don’t Look Back’, is a good reminder to keep moving forward, you got this. Pick up your copy of Nora En Pure’s EP ‘Dont’ Look Back’.

After catching Nora’s fire set at Wall in Miami last week, we highly encourage the experience.

Nora En Pure Tour

Playing shows at the likes of Splash House Palm Springs, Marquee Las Vegas and Mamby On The Beach Chicago, Pure continues to bring her in-demand sound all over the globe. With a long list of major festival appearances over the next few months, Nora will be playing at both weekends of Tomorrowland 2018 and will play her debut UK festival at this year’s edition of SW4 in August.

With her weekly Purified radio show premiering every Saturday night on SiriusXM Chill and coming out on her SoundCloud the following Monday, Nora En Pure’s indomitable work ethic promises to keep the music coming all summer long.

Maputo, Mozambique Cape Town South Africa photo credit N.E.P

Listen to Nora En Pure’s latest edition of Purified: 

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