10 Things That Evolved Because of EDM

The electronic music community is constantly evolving and creating an impact on our society. I have determined 10 things that are where they are today because of EDM.

1) Light Shows:

We can thank the EDM community for exploring the capabilities of  light shows.  The proper light show transforms a stage or any landscape and is extremely visually satisfying.  

One of the more mesmerizing light shows I have found is at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida.

David Vann, shines 3D projections onto the trees surrounding Spirit Lake, making the trees seem to transform into portals and other abstract objects.

:: Spirit Lake, Hulaween Live Oak FL :: Photo by David Vann ::
:: Spirit Lake, Hulaween Live Oak FL :: Photo by David Vann ::

Some of the most innovative and intricate light shows come from Android Jones, who frequently works with Tipper and then there is, Saxson Waller, who exclusively does the lights for STS9. Notably, The String Cheese Incident performed for the first time ever with 3D visuals at their New Year’s run. Who knows what will be next.

:: Photo from facebook.com/STS9 ::
:: Photo from facebook.com/STS9 ::

Create your own light show with LED Hula-hoops, an Orbital,  PodPoi,  and LED Digital Poi.

Pixal Poi
:: LED Digital Poi :: Photo by Ignis Shop ::

Above are LED Digital Poi. They will blow your mind.


Follow this LINK for more. Follow this LINK to see a DIY space traveling gadget. Have fun making your own.

2) Totems:

Carl!? Dragon Princess?! Chicken Finger?! Carl!? Ever been looking for Carl or your crew at a festival? If no, then well played. If yes, they you can see why totems blossomed from the EDM community.  Flowers and other artistic staffs sprout from the crowd to make it easy to find each other.  

Here are some totems from festivals around the country.

::Prison Mike's Bass Face :: Photo by producerdj.com
::Prison Mike’s Bass Face :: Photo by producerdj.com
:: "Ocelot" Photo by Lindsay Rebecca Photography ::
:: “Ocelot” :: Photo by Lindsay Rebecca Photography ::

Keep in mind, some people travel thousands of miles away to see the festival, so please keep your totem ideas slim vs bulky and out of the way of the much anticipated show. Get creative and have fun making your own.  

3) Incendia:

Rising from the Athens, Georgia burner scene, Incendia has thrived thanks to the EDM community.

Incendia Installation :: Photos from experienceincendia.com ::
:: Incendia Installation :: Photos from experienceincendia.com ::

I got the chance to interview, Cory Gleen, one of the owners and operators of Incendia. My first question I had for the pyrotechnic professional was, how did you come up with the idea of Incendia? He said, “we discovered this very unique and mesmerizing effect in which a flame can be redirected and slowed in it’s inevitable ascent skyward by ‘trapping’ it beneath a ceiling. Also, [we] discovered in doing so that we were also able to harness a flame’s radiant heat so that one may appreciate it’s energy from beneath, instead of beside it, like a smokey campfire. ”

Then I asked him, what is one of your more fonder moments he’s had on the Incendia adventure? He said, “be sure not to miss the New Year’s Eve extravaganza -we operate as a stage” It is called “Fire in the Sky”  in Atlanta, GA.  

:: Incendia Stage :: Photo via facebook.com/experienceincendia ::
:: Incendia Stage :: Photo via facebook.com/experienceincendia ::

Check out their calendar to see where they will be setting up all around the country. I hope you get the chance to run across Incendia and meet Cory like I did at sunrise one Hulaween

4) Lotus Tents:

In the midst of Hummingbird Ranch in southwest Colorado you will find the Lotus Tents of Sonic Bloom.

Each tent glows a different hue all night and represents a different theme to guide a discussion or activity. Themes range from metaphysics to horticulture, and all aim to cultivate positivity and progression. Each time I have visited the tents new insights are formed, jokes develop, and new friendships bloom. During the day the Lotus Tent area is used for workshops and yoga. 

:: Freeze Frame of Lotus Tent from Official Sonic Bloom Movie 2015 :: By Satori and Fatdroid ::

Part of a festival is about discovering new things about yourself and to gain a larger perspective of life; Lotus Tents facilitate that transformation. 

5) Sonic Exploration:

Electronic musicians are constantly developing new sounds and tools to create music.

By recording a sound and adding filters or other effects to it, musicians are able to create sounds no one has ever heard before. Bassnectar especially is known for pioneering new beat structures and creating sounds leaving fans wondering how those sounds were made. Some artists incorporate natural sounds into their music. For instance, Mimosa uses the sound of an exotic bird in the song, ‘Psychedelic Stereo.’  I wonder what frequency will be reached next.

New sounds means new tools. Thanks to EDM engineers, we now have numerous new music devices from synthesizers to  kaossilators.

Even new genres have been created due to the emergence of Electronic Music, such as jamtronica, trap, bass, house, tropical house, and all sorts of beautiful blends of genres. Sometimes half the fun is trying to dub what genre a musician encompasses. Comment on how you would classify Shpongle.

6) Art Installations:

The EDM community helps pump the blood that keeps art alive.

Our community’s strong appreciation for art supports the lives of countless artists. Most art installations are stunning and some can be a staple for a festival, such as the wooden man and temple at Burning Man.

Burning man
:: Burning Man :: photo via facebook/MichaelHoldenPhotography ::

Other art can double as adult playgrounds, like the drum house at Electric Forest, where some super secret sets go down late night. I encourage you to stop to appreciate the live painters at festivals and to support artists in any way you can.

:: Photo by .atipsygypsylife.com ::
:: Electric Forest Rothbury, MI :: Photo by atipsygypsylife.com ::
:: Boom Festival Portugal :: Photo by boomfestival.org ::
:: Boom Festival, Portugal :: Photo by boomfestival.org ::

7) Conscious Alliance:

Conscious Alliance can thank a lot of their success to the kind heartiness and worldly conscious people that electronic music cultivates.

Conscious Alliance :: Photo by Facebook/www.facebook.com/ConsciousAlliance
:: Conscious Alliance :: Photo by facebook/ConsciousAlliance ::

The non-profit organization asks for food and other donations at EDM events and festivals around the world. With their initiative we have been able to help serve over 2 million meals, gain awareness of extreme poverty, grant opportunities for at-risk kids to explore their creativity, promote culture, and fund economic development projects.

For individuals, you can donate, intern, and even create your own campaign. As an artist, you can donate your art to be used as a Conscious Alliance poster. Make sure to bring some canned food to the next show they will be at; you will help kids in need and earn a super heady poster.

8) Street Teams:

The evolution of Street Teams is largely due to the EDM community.

:: Posters to upcoming shows being viewed ::
:: Posters to upcoming shows being viewed ::

Street team members help festival organizers or venue owners promote upcoming events in exchange for a ticket. EDM lovers are so passionate about the music, they volunteer their time to see more shows and discover new artists.  Look out for any street team or any volunteer opportunities for upcoming festivals on each festival website or at your local venues. It is a great way to show your appreciation for the musicians and get involved.

9) Dance Safe:

Dance Safe derived from EDM to help people have a safe and amazing time.

:: Dance Safe provides free water and good vibes :: Photo by facebook/DanceSafeDenver::
:: Dance Safe provides free water and good vibes :: Photo by facebook/DanceSafeDenver ::

Always look for the Dance Safe crew at festivals.  They give you vital tips and an extra level of comfort just knowing positive people are around helping you be safe. Unfortunately, some festival sponsors cannot support Dance Safe crews because of its drug use implications. Either way, Dance Safe crews will be out there making festivals a safer place. Dance safe out there Bass Heads.

10) P.L.U.R:

One of the biggest phenomenons of the EDM community is the emergence of the P.L.U.R counter-culture. 

:: Photo credit jojoelectro.com ::
:: Photo credit jojoelectro.com ::

Their ideologies of peace, love, unity and respect, I believe can speak for the whole EDM community. Electronic music is the vehicle that allows us to transcend all social barriers. Everyone at EDM events is appreciated and important to create the experience.  

The positive experiences people have at EDM events help them be successful, to self-actualize, and to feel part of a community. For example, there are numerous accounts of people growing out of P.T.S.D. because of the EDM community. It is truly a scene that facilitates progression and tolerance within our society. The more we expand, the more peaceful, loving, united, and respectful our world will become. 

Please comment on things you have encountered only in the EDM community.

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