Newcomer SIMONE Drops Unbelievable Track “Always Get Me High”

Cashmere Cat posted to his Facebook account on Sunday with the line “really in love with this song”. As Cashmere Cat is one of the best producers, it would be foolish not to listen. We asked him how he found it or if he knew anything else about SIMONE since the only information available is “21 years old from Toronto”.

His reply? “she emailed us. it’s so good right ???

Snapchat Conversation with Cashmere Cat (miiaaoo)
Snapchat Conversation with Cashmere Cat (miiaaoo)

SIMONE Always Get Me High is the track 2016 didn’t know it needed.

In the advent of the internet and the accessibility for anyone to post their own music, Simone‘s “Always Get Me High” speaks on another level of music in the 21st Century. Simone lists the track as “new demo 2016” but the track is perfectly flawed.


“Always Get Me High” sits somewhere in a hurricane; the eye of the storm.

You have a semi-processed voice singing the melody “You did it to me again…” and “You always get me high”. Underneath this is a heavy, wide, fizzled out bass line struggling to not peak. There are also a processed/synthesized orchestra that is combined with a bell that momentarily flutters up and through the commotion.

The drums come in as soon as Simone sings “You always get me high”. The drums are heavy with a subtle hip hop groove. The percussion rattles, fizzes, echoes, slaps, and collapse at the same time. The hi-hats are the only stable sound in the whole song.

Somehow, above this beautiful distortion, Simone‘s voice elegantly floats on top.

After the bridge, the heavy bass line is doubled an octave higher and the vocals echo each other more rapidly. The last 20 seconds finish with a lower piano bass line, and her voice repeating “high” until the last lyrics, “drugs in the drunk”.

There is something eerily beautiful about the vocal delivery placed on top the grooving distorted drums. “Always Gets Me High” is definitely a song you didn’t know you needed, and especially after a night out, this is the come down.

Make sure you listen to SIMONE Always Get Me High below:

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