Italian DJ duo Nari & Milani have been creating house music since the mid-1990s. They are one of the acts that inspired the generation of artists that would further popularize dance music in the 2000s. On their most recent effort titled ‘Epsilon’, these two achieve the perfect sound, making for an unforgettable track.

Nari & Milani - Epsilon

Nari & Milani ‘Epsilon’ via Soundcloud

Horns blare, intriguing sound effects meld with the distinct melody, and a pulsating, relentless synth carries the track along.

This electro-house tune taps into the bliss that exists in the more authentic side of dance music. Moreover, the actual production creates a euphoric effect during each build up, and at each of the massive drops.

Considering this very notable track, we are definitely hopeful that this duo has a lot more in store for all of us.

Listen to Nari & Milani’s track ‘Epsilon’ below:

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