London Jackson age 19 and Jacob Ames age 18 are two producers with a ton of potential out of Nevada City, California. The two go by X Lovers. They have already received kudos from Live Nation for their debut single. Both were raised by the sounds of the 70’s, so you will hear a lot of that influence in their self-proclaimed genre, ‘Pop’N’Roll’.

X Lovers’ stunning remix of Madonna’s classic, ‘Like A Prayer’, will get the whole party singing along.

X Lovers ‘Like A Prayer’

In addition to this track, these guys are constantly pumping out killer remixes, like their cover of ‘Sex On Fire’ by Kings of Leon and ‘Creep’ by Radiohead. Find those remixes and their on point winter mix available for download through their Soundcloud.

X Lovers have a way of creating a breathtaking new vibe to old tracks that we have come to love.

Listen to and download ‘Like A Prayer’ by X Lovers below: 

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