Mortified’s Dan Nadelberg Explains Why We’re All a Little Weird [Interview]

Mortified's Dan Nadelberg Explains Why We're All a Little Weird [Interview]
Tales from the Underground: Rebel Radio Episode 13 ft. Dan Nadelberg
Rebel Radio is back with the 13th installment of the series highlighting today’s cultural pioneers and tastemakers.

Focusing on “the art of selling without selling out”, Rebel Radio talks with individuals who have helped to plant the roots of underground culture as well as those who are progressing it to its next iteration.

Episode 13 features Mortified Nation’s Dave Nadelberg, who sits down to discuss the evolution of the Mortified brand over the years.

Mortified Nation is a storytelling project where adults gather to share embarrassing childhood creations like writings, art, stories, and more to strangers in deep heartbreaking detail.

Reading from their diaries, lyrics, letters, and more, Mortified Nation has been hailed as a cultural phenomenon as it brings people together by forcing them to relive the mortifying events from their childhood and realize that we’re not the only weirdo in the room.

Part stand-up and part group therapy, make sure to check out Rebel Radio’s discussion with Mortified’s creator, Dave Nadelberg, below.

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