Morning Fatty, an ever-evolving punk/ska turned reggae-funk band, has transformed their sound yet again. Based out of Gainesville, Florida, the group’s original dynamic shifted incredibly with the addition of experienced drummer Tim Mulberry. Previous to joining the band, Tim had accomplished a world tour drumming for The Black Eyed Peas.

The new sound can only be described as funk rock electro dub, or simply FRED.

By melding electronic bass drops, dueling guitar licks, heavy rock melodies and a fat reggae groove, Morning Fatty discovered a distinctive sound that pays homage to each member’s unique style. Recently the group hooked up with the beloved Las Vegas based electronic music artist, JackEL.

The unparalleled collaboration creates for a sound that takes electronic music into a new direction.

Morning Fatty & JackEL ‘Roo’

First on the docket, is their single ‘Roo’, which tells a festival love story that will have you cheesing. What also makes this track undeniable is the house beat JackEL creates, making this track destined for the mainstage at Bonnaroo.

Listen to Morning Fatty & JackEL’s ‘Roo’:

The next creation coming from the unique collaboration is titled ‘Lost’, which creates an atmosphere that will make you feel uneasy, leading you somewhere unknown…. While listening to this future bass banger, embrace the feeling of being lost in an exotic place and see what you discover about yourself. The lyrics describe a toxic relationship, dueling Roo‘s beautiful, mushy love story.

For ‘Lost’, the top-line vocals are ear candy and the future bass drop sounds amazing.

Morning Fatty & JackEL ‘Lost’

Listen to Morning Fatty & JackEL’s ‘Lost’:

Completing this collection of singles from the collaboration is ‘Antidote’. While the first two singles present dueling states of relationships, this third track serves to empower more individuality. With a tasty yet slimy dub infused drop, this one will make you swerve in new ways.

Morning Fatty & JackEL ‘Antidote’

Listen to Morning Fatty & JackEL’s ‘Antidote’:

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