MORiLLO Brings Tribal Music into 2021 with New Album, Shades of Green [Gravitas Recordings]

2020 was a breakout year for MORiLLO, following his debut album to end 2019, Colibri via Gravitas Recordings, a 10-track collection that showcases his world bass and house music inspired by his travels through the Sacred Valley of Peru, the select LA producer was fortunate to perform at Envision‘s 10 year anniversary before the lockdown. Soon after MORiLLO earned further recognition with releases on major labels like Tribal Trap, Hyprid Trap and SubCarbon Records.

Today, the forward-thinking producer returns for Gravitas Recordings’ first release of the year, Shades of Green, a 8-track album that tethers MORiLLO’s drumming and music production.

For the whole body of work MORiLLO says, ‘I feel that Shades of Green is some of my best work.  By making use of all the musical tools I have available to me, this album’s unique acoustic/electronic blend is something that I am very proud of and will be for a long time.  I invite you to turn down the lights, get comfortable, and press play on this unique and nature-inspired audio journey.”

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For the mind, body and spirit, Shades of Green opens with Badmon Sound, as MORiLLO describes as, “a goopy-dark chunker of a tune. When I listen to this track I imagine thick jungle nectar droplets coming off the rafters of a future tribalistic dance party amongst nature.”

A mystic ‘Secrets’ with Evan Hatfield‘s alluring sitar and Meg Gardner’s enchanting words call spirits to come out and play. Then, ‘Champion Sound’ featuring PRZM, hits with a big funky reggae beat.

MORiLLO shares on ‘Dreamland’: “Dark and smoldering drops trade spaces with ethereal beauty. Huge thank you to Talia for blessing this track with your silky melodies and to Otaak Band for the incredibly unique Lyre playing.”

After flexing his dub prowess to set a welcoming atmosphere for an ancient alien return for ‘King of Kings’, MORiLLO brings listeners to a meditative jungle for the title track, ‘Shades of Green’. While for ‘One$$$’ fellow Los Angeles producer DanNig shares his massive bass waves as MORiLLO puts on a drum clinic. Culminating the journey is ‘Rain and Mist’, a skanky island tune built of bongos, bright synths and angelic vocals to help you decompress.

Continue the day with more vibes by MORiLLO by listening to his Envision 2020 set at the Luna Stage.

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