Kill Paris ft. Royal – Operate (Illenium Remix) [Free Download]

Kill Paris ft. Royal - Operate (Illenium Remix) [Free Download]
Kill Paris ft. Royal – Operate (Illenium Remix) [Free Download]
Denver, Colorado-based producer Nick Miller AKA Illenium has taken the dance music scene by storm since the release of his first tracks in 2014.

With a unique style, Miller brings a melodic bass vibe to everything that he touches.

His remix for Kill Paris’ “Operate” is no different.

Beginning with a slow and subdued feel, Illenium’s “Operate” remix keeps things space-like and abstract until it falls into a solid groove around the 1:30 mark.

String plucks reverberate in the distance as a slow-yet-steady kick clap propels the track forward. With Kill Paris and Royal’s telltale lyrics leading the charge, everything builds in flavor and fury until the overarching peak brings hands to the air and eyes to the sky at the 2:55 point.

With a massive sound that embodies the pure catharsis that dance music can bring, synths reach for the heavens to create a massive feel-good sound that stands among the best of them.

Bringing things back down to a smooth and tidy conclusion, “Operate” compresses back to it’s original form after the almighty build and release – eventually fading out as smoothly as it came.

Listen to Illenium’s remix of Kill Paris and Royal’s 2015 classic, “Operate”, and grab the free download below.

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