For Mix Union‘s latest project they unite a powerhouse South American trio, FractaLL, Gabe, and FKLS. FractaLL is from Brazil and also is the owner of Mix Feed. Gabe is also from Brazil and is known for taking listeners on a journey with potent yet eloquent house and techno music. FKLS A.K.A Fakeless, hails from Portugal and is grateful for this amazing collaboration to make ‘Take Over’ because it has been his most successful piece yet.

Mix Union brings together deep house souls, FractaLL, Gabe, and FKLS, to create a yummy track ‘Take Over’.

‘Take Over’ is built of a dynamic range of deep house samples and vocals that will satisfyingly echo in your ears. Mix Union had good foresight in recognizing how well these guy’s sounds would meld together, kinda like the guy who first combined peanut butter, jelly, and Cheetos.

Mix Union FractaLL, Gabe, and FKLS

Mix Union FractaLL, Gabe, and FKLS ‘Take Over’

Turn your volume up just right and fall into this deep house masterpiece brought to us by Mix Union, FractaLL, Gabe, and FKLS.

You can download ‘Take Over’ for free by clicking here. If you like this track make sure to head to Mix Union‘s Soundcloud to find a wicked version of Infected Mushroom‘s ‘I Wish’ remixed by Alok and FractaLL for free download.

Now listen to this edition of Mix Union with FractaLL, Gabe, and FKLS below:

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