Producer and DJ out of Tuscon, Arizona, Evan Gartner, comes out with a remix of Papa Ya‘s catchy track, ‘Sunny’. You can grab this track Evan offers up for free download by clicking here.

Evan is a Producer and Songwriter for Sony and Selector Songs. He recently helped co-write and produce an EP for the DJ moniker, Luna Aura. He certainty has a tuned ear for creating seamless tracks like ‘Sunny’ and his remix of ‘Gold Skies‘ by Sander van Doorn , Martin Garrix, & DVBBS. That is also for free download. 

Evan Gartner strengthens his muscles as a DJ by remixing Papa Ya’s upbeat hit ‘Sunny’ with a tasty futuristic drop.

Evan Gartner remix of Papa Ya’s ‘Sunny’

Papa Ya found profound success by hitting the million play marker with this dynamic track that incorporates a deep, yet bouncy bassline and slick lyrics.

Papa Ya is a duo out of Los Angeles that like making music and having a good time doing, which you can tell by how they dreamed up ‘Sunny’. Snag the original version of this track for free download by clicking here.

Listen to and download Evan Gartner’s remix of Papa Ya’s ‘Sunny’ below: 

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