Christian Bauhofer also known as Minnesota is a bass music producer who has been someone always on our radar. He captures his listeners with his approach to electronic music that has grown from hip-hop and dubstep roots.

His most recent releases are a strong reflection of his talent as he masters to fuse in future bass into the mix.

Song Cover by Minnesota

Minnesota‘s new release is called ‘Subterranean’, which blends a hip-hop vibe with synthetic components. The track begins with suspenseful piano keys as brass elements emerge that lead into a soulful future bass drop. This single captures your ear as you await for a drop unlike others he has formed.

A month before this release, Minnesota teamed up with vocalist Karra to give a heartfelt future bass track called, ‘Another Night’.

Song Cover by Minnesota

This single is a perfect sound floating into the clouds with perfect thunderous synths. These two captivating tracks are obvious reasons why he is booked consistently at all the major festivals nationwide. Some of these festivals include Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Forest, Euphoria, Sonic Bloom and his next outing will be at Imagine Music Festival in September.

Electric Forest set photo credit Minnesota’s Facebook

The way Minnesota can brew his signature style with dreamlike feels is simply wondrous. Minnesota has strong support from big names like Bassnectar, Adventure Club and Paper Diamond that has clearly helped him grow as he has had back-to-back-to-back tours over the past three years.

Plug into and download for free both ‘Subterranean’ and ‘Another Night’, then watch Minnesota’s exclusive interview with Jägermeister after his performance at Nocturnal Wonderland.

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Jägermeister’s exclusive interview with Minnesota at Nocturnal Wonderland:

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