Excision & Space Laces Team Up for the Heaviest Dubstep Track of the Year

Coming off of this year’s Shambhala mix series, Excision has released one of the most anticipated dubstep tracks of the year, “Throwin’ Elbows” is a collaboration with Space Laces and has been played out by SnailsGetterZomboy, and many more.

“Throwin’ Elbows” is a moshing anthem and will be released on Excision’s newest album, Virus.

Excision & Space Laces - Throwin' Elbows
Excision & Space Laces – Throwin’ Elbows

This track is the epitome of a heavy dubstep track meant to rage at a live show. The energy on this one is ridiculous; just wait until you hear it at a festival near you.

“Throwin’ Elbows” also marks the return of Space Laces who went off the map for the past year.

Listen to “Throwin’ Elbows” below:

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