Frankyeffe’s Riot Recordings Starts EP Series with Love Parade

Frankyeffe‘s Riot Recordings is quickly on the rise thanks to the explosive combination of the Italian techno love and their new Rave The Planet supporter series. Under a new name, Rave The Planet, the Berlin Love Parade tradition continues through quarantine and with ample energy to erupt in 2022.

Rave The Planet’s first representatives of the techno culture are Japan’s Ken Ishii, Germany’s Dr. Motte & Eric Sneo and Tom Wax via the trusted Rome’s, Riot Recordings.

What an onslaught this first series is as it showcases a mammoth sound, in true RIOT form. “Yeah, yeah that’s why we are here!” Except more like this and beyond as Frankyeffe and his family continue to produce intricate and forward-thinking releases in support of Rave The Planet until the parade returns to the streets of Berlin.

‘We Are Here’ Music Video

Rave The Planet focuses on three major goals:

1. To protect, promote and develop the culture of electronic dance music in all its forms. And to develop it further. To promote its own as well as other charitable projects in the long term.

2. To classify the culture of electronic dance music as an Immaterial Cultural Heritage under the UNESCO.

3. To establish an official celebration of electronic dance music culture, with an annual event: A new parade, in the spirit of the Berlin Loveparade, based on its original values, progressively designed for the 21st century.

The “Rave The Planet parade” has now been postponed to 09 July 2022. And also the dates for the following years are secured and registered with the authorities. Hopefully nothing will stand in the way of a united and healthy “We are one family” spirit.

To promote techno culture and shorten the waiting time, Rave The Planet also presents the weekly live stream “Instant Rave with acts such as Bebetta, Christian Smith, Felix Kröcher, Gabriel Ananda, Mathew Jonson, Oliver Huntemann, Terranova, Tiefschwarz, Nakadia, Mr  Raoul K and Westbam.

Rave The Planet

As we wait for what Frankyeffe presents for his pivotal Riot Recordings supporter series, his 2021 consist of a deep and splashy ‘Root’ via Berlin’s Second State and his rave igniter, ‘Convert’ on Treviso, Italy’s, JAM.

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