Lose Yourself With These Progressive House Vibes From Danny Howard’s Bullet

When was the last time you heard a song that made you feel like your whole body was on fast forward and you were flying through time? Have you yet to experience that kind of awesome?

Photo via Facebook - Danny Howard
Danny Howard – Bullet

Listen to the single “Bullet,” from Danny Howard on the Spinnin’ Records label and you’re guaranteed a journey just short of hitching a ride on an actual bullet rocketing through the air.

The track takes its time to build itself up and punch its way into a sneak attack with hauntingly deep vocals flowing along side an electrifying bassline. Howard truly takes his music to the next level with a cutting sound that has a heavy element of space-like vibes.

This progressive house single certainly seems to pay homage to the underground roots of house music and the discoteques that it thrived in during its early days.

The music of Danny Howard generates the kind of energy that can get any type of EDM crowd going, which is quite a talent considering that EDM has so many subgenres that have drastically different sounds.

Vibe to the bass-thumping progressive house banger with Danny Howard’s “Bullet” below!

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