London Young Gun, Skepsis Earns a Loyal Following Along JAUZ’s Label Tour

JAUZ and Skepsis are bustling on a North American tour right now and its nothing to bash an eyelash at. JAUZ’s diverse sound is getting crisper and crisper while keeping in line with the latest sounds people are craving. JAUZ’s new album will help you understand, but witnessing his shows will covert you into a full fanboy (or girl). While Skepsis is gaining a loyal following with a series of heavyweight originals and remixes, his gritty basslines and intricate rhythms, you will not want to miss the exciting Bite This! Label Tour.

Florida fam, don’t miss JAUZ with Skepsis for their Club Space appearance in Miami.

JAUZ Bite This! Label Tour

Scoop tickets for JAUZ & Skepsis at Club Space, Miami on Friday, Oct 12th

Photo by – — at Club Space
Photo by – — at Club Space

This last month JAUZ unleashed his new album, The Wise and The Wicked. Within this album he properly hits on various styles of electronic music from house and techno to melodic trap and dubstep. In this goodie bag of tracks that make up The Wise and The Wicked you will hear his collaborations with Adventure Club, Krewella, Ducky, Snails, Mike Waters, and Major Lazer, a piecing techno piece ‘Acid and Techno’, a melodic trap single with the dance music sweetheart Kiirra (free download) and so much more.

We are excited to hear JAUZ’s new album through some real speakers at Club Space Friday night.

Listen to JAUZ’s The Wide and The Wicked: 

You will be blown away by the adventure JAUZ and Skepsis will take you on.

Skepsis Photography By Elliot Young

Skepsis UK Tour After Movie: 

photo credit JAUZ

The 22-year-old Londoner, Skepsis is showing no signs of slowing down as he becomes a regular on the club circuit and one of the biggest young guns in the scene. Grab his original single ‘Fingers’ as a free download and take a listen to his Rinse FM radio show to get a better taste of his style before catching him along the Bite This! Label Tour.Also, stay tune for his upcoming release on Night Bass.

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