London based artist electro funk artist Synthonic 

Nothing better to me than finding new, talented artists all over the world. Today, I bring you an electro funk artist from across the pond.

His name is Kieron Garrett, but let me introduce him as Synthonic. The London area artist has just recently released a 5-track EP entitled “Sunshine“. Synthonic is quite unique, bringing you an array of styles from electro funk, jazz, and even classical music to his repertoire.

Bask in ‘Sunshine’, the title song from the EP, a jazzy groovy and electro funk work of art.

The blend of sounds to go along with the pitch transitions make this song a fun listen. Living up to his description, Synthonic hits it perfectly with this one.

“Head Banging” is another track with similar elements to Sunshine. What I find unique is the synths he uses as a keyboardist, the tempo of the song hits you in a tone of different ways. If you are familiar with artists like Anomalie, Vulfpeck, and Jamiroquai, you might hear similar elements in Synthonic’s work here. The latter you might be familiar with his hit song “Virtual Insanity”. 

Synthonic has toured in and around many spots in the United Kingdom. While he has toured in many jazz clubs, his style could fit in any different house events. I have a feeling he will be rendering out more of his unique tone in the future. Definitely keep on the look out and check out some of his social media profiles for more information.

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