For the 23rd annual flagship Electric Daisy Carnival festival, Insomniac Events has announced the return of their newest addition to North America’s largest music festival: CAMP EDC. The camping experience was beloved by headliners who were lucky enough to get in on the inaugural year of truly LIVING Under The Electric Sky for 4 nights, and will return for its sophomore year May 16th – 20th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the 2019 affair.

photo credit EDC 2019
photo credit EDC 2019

CAMP EDC turns the Electric Daisy Carnival playground Under the Electric Sky into headliners’ true HOME allowing for a truly immersive festival experience unlike any other.

Watch the CAMP EDC 2019 Official Trailer below:

CAMP EDC will kick off your festival weekend with an exclusive party the Thursday night before the festival, available to EDC campers ONLY. As is a promise that comes with the Insomniac brand, you can truly expect to be apart of a magical adventure that spares no money, takes no short-cuts, and provides nothing short of perfection when it comes to every detail of the festival that will truly provide for a sensory overload experience, much like everything that pops off in the 23 years of celebrating life Under The Electric Sky.

Insomniac Drops Details on the Return of CAMP EDC in 2019

Plan on arriving as early as possible on Thursday to enter CAMP EDC  because last year proved the car checks to be way more time consuming than anyone had anticipated. But after you put in your time going through Insomniac’s thorough security checks with every car of attendees checking in for the weekend, you won’t have to sacrifice your precious EDC time for traveling to and from the festival, going through security checks, and waiting in those epic festival lines at the main gates of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It may take up to 8 hours going through this first initial check-in process, but afterwards you’ll find your camping spot amongst many decorated car windows of other Electric Daisy Carnival campers whom you’ll be sharing with your weekend with Under The Electric Sky.

BTW this is not a millennial white-girl over-exaggeration for dramatic affect; CAMP EDC truly took 8 hours of stop and go traffic to even get int0 the festival campgrounds, so come EXPECTING & PREPARED to spend a full workday checking into the playground. But, its fun, the energy is high and love is fully alive. Also, I think all of Camp EDC 2018 would agree it was well worth the 8 hour check-in, going through Insomniac’s dedicated process to safety through their thorough car security searches. Once you’re inside the campgrounds, all of your worries will disappear, and you’ll hardly remember the long wait lines you just endured to get to your home for the weekend.

photo credit EDC 2019
photo credit EDC 2019

Just the same as CAMP EDC 2018 required, all headliners are required to have purchased both a camping pass and festival ticket in order to receive entry to CAMP EDC. You must be at least 18 years of age. Camping passes are for all 4 days, & single day camping passes are unavailable. Headliners will experience some MAJOR benefits including a dedicated campers-only festival entrance. Avoid the staggering long lines.

The best of all will be the privilege of going in and out of EDC at your own leisure during festival hours.

photo credit EDC 2019
photo credit EDC 2019

The campsites will offer free showers, bathrooms, and drinking water; and for headliners‘ convenience, a General Store will be open for the entirety of CAMP EDC. Extensive video from last year’s debut camping experience, including the air-conditioned shift-pods, pool parties, goat yoga, exclusive camp performances, and more are showcased in the official EDC trailer for the 2019 festival. If Insomniac‘s video trailers for CAMP EDC & the actual festival don’t make your heart go aflutter, as goosebumps surge throughout your body, then you might not know what a Good Time is.

CAMP EDC Passes are ON-SALE NOW for EDC Las Vegas 2019!

This year, an option for GA+ makes an appearance, featuring added amenities for headliners holding these tickets. Head to the official EDC website to check out possible pricing options for EDC Las Vegas 2019 festival and camping passes, including layaway options for headliners who’d rather opt out of paying up front for their festival experience, in favor of making a couple smaller, more-manageable payments to secure their one-of-a-kind festival experience that awaits them in May of 2019. Just like last year, EDC Las Vegas will take place a whole month earlier in the year, providing for cooler weather and minimizing the emergencies caused by heat exhaustion from the Las Vegas desert.

Grab your EDC Las Vegas 2019 tickets here, and join us back in May 2019, Under the Electric Sky for the 23rd rendition of Electric Daisy Carnival. For more information on Electric Daisy Carnival, visit the official website.

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