Level Up With This Must-Have Music App

Dubbed by many as the “Tinder for Musicians”, with music-collaboration app Vampr you simply have to swipe to connect with creatives across the globe. Are you looking for a producer? A new bandmate? A co-writer? Vampr has you covered.

Earlier in 2020, the app launched Vampr Publishing, introducing a revolutionary sync licensing agreement. Don’t have a publisher? No problem. Vampr gives you the opportunity to submit your music to brands, commercials, adverts, video game developers, and film/TV producers for soundtrack consideration. The agreement is non-exclusive and provides a game-changing 75% royalty to the artist.

Now with the recently launched Vampr Pro, users have the opportunity to better stand out on the platform as well as access some key new features.

The top key feature? Music distribution. Not only can you submit your music to all leading digital service providers (including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube), you also get to keep 100% of your royalties.

Once you become a Vampr Pro user, you will receive a Pro Badge, the Vampr version of the coveted blue checkmark. If you’re more inclined to stealth, you can hide your profile while searching for new connections and remain invisible in Discovery.

While you can search the world on Vampr for free, Vampr Pro provides targeted search within a selected radius – ideal if you’re a touring musician or moving to a new city. To help make a lasting impression, Vampr Pro gives you three times more profile content space.

If that all isn’t enough, how about unlimited rewinds and more swipes and connections per day? Instead of being limited by your number of connections per day, get 20 connections and one hundred swipes. If you accidentally swipe left, no worries. Undo as many times as you want!

For less than your morning latte ($2.99 monthly for one year or $4.99 for a single month), you gain a toolbox with everything needed to promote and monetize your work.

Co-founders of the app, Josh Simons and Baz Palmer, are on a mission to empower independent musicians and creatives. Both musicians themselves, they want to break down barriers and help their users upgrade their professional life. While the app will always remain free, the introduction of Vampr Pro offers users more access and features than ever before.

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