Kungs – Candy (feat. Jasmine Thompson) [Free Download]

Kungs ft. Jasmine Thompson - Candy [Free Download]
Kungs ft. Jasmine Thompson – Candy [Free Download]
French deep house producer Kungs and English singer/songwriter Jasmine Thompson teamed up for this bewitching tale of wistful love.

Starting with the standard deep house four on the floor rhythm, a deeply reverbed and heavily echoed guitar makes its way into the mix to add to the song’s depth of feeling.

As the bass begins to ring perfectly in line with “Candy’s” melancholy guitar chords, Jasmine Thompson’s soulful voice comes in to tell the lyrical story of “Candy”.

The lyrics, written from a male perspective it would seem (“I’m a heartless man at worst, babe, and a helpless one at best”) yet sung by Thompson add an interesting bit of context context to “Candy”. It almost makes one think that the narrators perspective switches from verse to chorus and vise versa, essentially alternating viewpoints as the song progresses.

Regardless, with a languid-yet-tactful progression “Candy” builds to an absolutely stellar deep house groove with a bottomless depth of feeling to it. For fans of the genre, this vocal-driven track is a straight delight. For non-fans, “Candy” just may convert you.

Listen to Kungs and Jasmine Thompson’s infinitely bottomless deep house track “Candy” below and grab the free download today.

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