Dimond Saints – Automaton

Dimond Saints - Automaton
Dimond Saints – Automaton

Get down and dirty with Dimond Saints, the production duo of An-ten-nae and Releece and their endless bass excursion of a track – “Automation”.

Setting out to suit your wildest bass-heavy dreams (or so it seems), Dimond Saints created a monster of a track that subwoofers the world over are excited to blast.

With a buzzing and layered low end, sawlike synths meld with clean bass sounds and an insanely heavy kick to provide the focal point of the track. As gated melodies make their way over the beat to provide an eerie and ethereal feel to the mix, things fade out into an unexpected calming interlude.

Coming back with full vengeance, “Automation” breaks back into its signature heavy groove with a reckless abandon. Seriously, if you stand in front of a sub with this blasting you will get a sound massage. No joke.

With incredibly tight production and a massively heavy sound, Dimond Saints went all out with “Automation”, and it’s slow attack is guaranteed to rock any dance floor that it’s dropped on.

Listen to Dimond Saint’s bass-heavy masterpiece, “Automation”, below.

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