KREAM & Clara Mae Team Up to Craft Melodic Earworm ‘Taped Up Heart’

Norwegian DJ duo KREAM has been building a solid profile in the scene with innovative, soulful and fun tunes. On ‘Taped Up Heart’, the act draws on vocals from Swedish singer Clara Mae. The pop-singer turned EDM vocalist belts out the powerful lyrics with ease.

KREAM ‘Taped Up Heart’ ft. Clara Mae

‘Taped Up Heart’ is a certified earworm, and it’ll surely be stuck in your head once you give it a listen.

Though the lyrics to this song are a bit more thought-inspiring than you might anticipate, the track’s hypnotic melody and upbeat pace are definitely meant to get you moving and lift your mood.

Listen to KREAM’s track ‘Taped Up Heart’ below:

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