Electric Forest announces Flume and Dillon Francis as the hidden headliners for 2017.

Electric Forest Latest Lineup Announcement

For those who aren’t familiar, the alluring Rothbury, Michigan music festival is a truly occult world filled with creatures far from belief and love that only occurs in fairy tales. Electric Forest is more than just a festival, but a community full of truly aesthetic people there for your personal solace. Circumlocution is key while wondering the eclectic Sherwood Forest.

Discover all the fairy doors at Electric Forest photo via Electric Forest Facebook

You will be introduced to things that seemed out of the realm of possibilities, you will acknowledge the sounds of nature in a way you never thought you would before, you will speak with people who will open your perspective and help you realize that every vile encounter that you have experienced really wasn’t so bad because now, you are here and there with the most authentic and selfless group of humans getting lost then getting found.

Electric Forest is a true rejuvenation.

Flume and Dillon Francis are only ancillary to the previously debuted lineup. Dillion Francis will be there for both weekends. On top of the stacked lineup, attendees will have the opportunity to experience an additional weekend in Sherwood Forest, cards that have never been played on the table before.

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